Ways activities are addressed to the network infrastructure, where you can find products of the following companies:

1interrato purcellCabinet PFS Interrato  
cno1CNO Infratel  
pfscompattoCabinet PFS Compatto  
pfshCabinet PFS HLGX (PFS4)  

purcell logo 

Purcell Systems Inc. is a leading global company headquartered in the United States and Stockholm and has been active in the telecommunications market since 2000. In 2013 it was acquired by EnerSys, a world leader in the production of batteries for industrial applications. Purcell designs and manufactures innovative outdoor, iso cooling and free cooling cabinets and provides system-wide solutions to a variety of global customers in the areas of Telecom, Cable / MSO, Energy / Utilities, Radio Territory and Transportation.

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Ways also pursuing the import-export activities of innovative technologies in the field of energy and water saving, with special attention to this sector through machinery for the production of drinking water with the brand: "Aquasphaera", and equipment for distribution, potabilization and saving of water resources. It sells fiber-optic cables and plastic accessories for network infrastructures such as: Pipes, Fenders, Bundles and related junction and termination accessories.

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Product categories

componenti otticiOptical Components
posaMaterials for laying infrastructures and accessories
muffoleMuffles Components for the junction of the cables